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Security Master License # 000 101 335


Presidio security services offers wide range of services including alarm responses, site inspections, site lock ups and community mobile patrol.


Mobile Patrols are utilized to secure property, possessions and individuals. Much of the time simply having a standard visit by a Mobile Patrol Vehicle to your site might be a sufficient hindrance for perpetrators. Our Mobile Patrolling services offer considerably more than simply being a visual hindrance. Our versatile security officers will watch and cover ranges that are not so much specifically identified with security and in additional duties, for example,


Inspection to recognize support issues.


Inspection of site to recognize support and OH&S issues.


 Supervise site security framework and alarm cautions.


 Building lock-up and opening.


Responding to cautions or crises.


Welfare check up for your faculty working alone or late around evening time.

Building lock-up and openings.


All Mobile Patrol Officers hold a current NSW security officer permit. Each permit holder has had a historical verification by the Police before being issued with a permit.


Our Mobile Patrol officers likewise under go extra preparing to enhance their expertise set.


We are committed to our uniquely custom-made on going preparing system. The additional abilities our staff forces make them the best prepared versatile watch officers accessible in the business. Our preparation project comprises of;


Certificate of Security Operations.


Current First Aid Certificate.


Nationally Recognized RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Certificate.


Site particular - Techniques in Removal of Patrons From a Premises.


- Self Defense trained.


Regardless of how little or extensive,We service all our customer's security, versatile security needs.


Ensuring your property, holdings and individuals. Call or email us for a quote.